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Nigeria: 4 new cases of coronavirus confirmed

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Nigeria: 4 new cases of coronavirus confirmed

Four new instances of coronavirus wereshowedin thekingdom the lagos state ministry of health said.


This brings to 12 the totalquantity of coronavirus cases in Nigeria, althoughone of thevictims has fully recovered.


The Commissioner for Health, Akin Abayomi, addressed journalists at the new cases on Thursday at thekingdom secretariat.


He said the state-of-the-art patients had been admitted for remedyon the Lagos State bio-safety and infectious disorder hospital, Yaba, Lagos.


He said 19 checkswereachieved on suspected instances and contacts of the five instancesintroduced on Wednesday, out of which four turned tremendous.

The first of the new fineinstances is that of a lady who had contact with one of the soonerniceinstances who lower back from the UK.


The 2d is that of a Nigerian lady who lower back from France through a Turkish airline (TK 1830) on March 14.


“The 0.33 new confirmed case is a Nigerian male in his 50s who had in no way travelled anywhere  however supplied the symptoms and become referred for treatment. He tested effective and had considering been admitted,” he said.


Mr Abayomi stated the fourth case is a Nigerian male who arrived in Nigeria on March 13, from Frankfurt, Germany on Luftansa flight LH 568.


He stated individuals that have been on any of the flights of the confirmedcases – TK 1830 and LH 568 – have to isolate themselves for 14 days and reach out to the ministry on 08000CORONA, in the event that they expand any respiratory signs.


“What we have is a mixture of imported instances and local transmission,” Mr Abayomi stated.


He added that the ministry is currently monitoring over 1,300 humans in terms of Covid-19.


The Very First Index Case

“The index case has now cleared the virus, however we will take a look at him one greater time, if he is negative, he will be discharged,” the commissioner stated.


He said the Italian national turned into the first confirmed case in Nigeria and is keento leave the facility. But he isstill being held on the facility till a 2nd negative test is obtained, he stated.


“We have 11 showed cases however 9 active cases in Lagos state at the moment,” he said.


Mr Abayomi stated the instances introduced on Wednesday are clinically strong and the public ought tonot panic.


He stated the Lagos State Government is holding diversemeetings to decide on the next step to preclude the spread of the virus so one canconsist of the concept of social distancing.


“The satisfactory manner to sluggish down this outbreak is to forestall the possibility for the virus to move from individual to person. The virus cannot jump a distance, it has to move either thru contacts or very close proximity or if you contact a surface that an infected person has touched.”


The commissioner said Lagos has three testing sites, which can be ramping up with aid from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control. All exams and treatments for Covid-19 are completed free of charge, he added.

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